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    Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge hands-on roundup
    MKBHD just posted his hands-on impressions video of the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge.

    He admits that Samsung doesn't bring anything wild or crazy with the S7, but goes over the new features that you can expect to see when the device is released.


    Android Police just published their hands-on video as well. Like MKBHD, they agree that there isn't much new here in terms of design. This generation's Galaxy S series is more of a refinement with upgraded internals than anything else.

    Android Police

    Android Authority has their hands-on look at the Galaxy S7 now and they are comparing it to last year's Galaxy S6. They say the design and build quality haven't been changed much since the S6 but its newer specs and refinement with things like the microSD card slot, water resistance that make it a worthy upgrade.

    Android Authority

    GSM Arena brings us their hands-on of the Galaxy S7 Edge today. They do this in video form and talk about its water resistance, camera quality, hardware SoC, performance, software and more.

    GSM Arena

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