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    Gboard for Android is adding Chinese and Korean support
    Gboard is finally adding Chinese (both traditional and simplified) and Korean, to its Android app today. China and Korea are two of the largest Android markets, and the languages were the top two most requested by users, Google says.
  1. Maynard2019

    Maynard2019 Lurker

    I especially like Gboard's 'fuzzy Pīnyīn' option relieving me of hunting for the correct tone and the correct of the four ch's (q, zh, etc.) at the cost of longer candidate lists.

    For the few tones that have finally memorized—top of the list are de5 (的) or other 'neutral' tone characters—I often wish that I could speed up the process, but Gboard's 'fuzzy' no longer accepts tone numbers!

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