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    Geekbench benchmark for the Pixel XL doesn't show any performance improvements
    Google is using the new Snapdragon 821 SoC in the Pixel and Pixel XL, but its almost identical to the Snapdragon 820. A Geekbench benchmark for the device has been discovered and it shows it getting very similar scores to the devices running the 820.
  1. This comes down to lack of optimization between hardware and software, something Apple has bee doing with iOS and the iPhone for years and until Google does the same, the performance will be lacking behind the iPhone. The SD820/821 is no slouch generally speaking but in the Pixels case, it is in the form of an off the shelf design from Qualcomm and not extensively modified ARM based SoC like the A series chips in the iPhone. It might be the fastest Android phone out there but now that Google is trying to go head to head with the iPhone in every respect, the Pixel will be scrutinized in every respect against its chief rival more than any Android phone before it. Let's just hope what Google said earlier of ultimately going the Apple approach of designing it's own custom chips and having a much deeper hardware and software marriage. Only then will we see the type of benchmark numbers we only see with the iPhone now.
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    Actually since Google have clocked the 821 down to the speed of the 820 in the Pixels I don't see why anyone would expect performance to be dramatically different.
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