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    Google Jibe is the next messaging solution looking to replace SMS
    Google's support of messaging over the years has been tenuous at best, but now it looks like Google is partnering with carriers and OEMs for a new solution that uses RCS to replace SMS and MMS messaging on our phones.

    According to the page, Google will be offering a messaging client for Android that will support all three platforms and based on a universal profile. It will be interoperable with any RCS-compliant client, as well as offering a unified messaging experience across Android.
  1. Talal1

    Talal1 Newbie

    So will it still be capable of sending and receiving normal SMS? Because not everyone uses Android.
  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Apparently RCS is from the GSM Association and is completely cross-platform, unlike Google Hangouts or Apple iMessage or whatever.
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  3. n1nj4Lo

    n1nj4Lo Android Enthusiast

    Can't wait death to old slow outdated sms!!
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  4. n1nj4Lo

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  5. tube517

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