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    Google launches DeepDream; a trippy way to experience VR
    Google has launched another VR experiment, aiming to give the end user a unique experience. DeepDream is a machine that that uses a neural network to transform ordinary images into surrealistic, dream-like artwork. In order to accomplish this, Google takes video with a 360-degree camera rig, named Jump, and uses a 16-camera circular rig that was co-designed by GoPro.

    The end result is an extremely unique VR experience, one that can't be found elsewhere, and one that you should check out if you have a few moments.
  1. HasH_BrowN

    HasH_BrowN Android Expert

    Actually they've had this for awhile. They claimed "they were working the bugs out, which is why nothing has been implemented". I know it's been around, because I used a couple of the apps to create neural art (first pic is free, then $$$).

    This pic describes how this art is achieved.
    I don't know why they would say a 360* camera rig is "how they accomplish" the conversion process as it's done through a neural network on servers online. It seems to me the article merged two stories. The cameras only have to do with the creation of the original video, not what the neural network converted it to.

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