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    Google Maps updates Local Guides program with a new points system
    Google has updated the Local Guides feature in Google Maps with a new point system and new rewards to earn, including 75% off of rentals in Google Play and more.
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    With this update, Google is adding five additional levels that take quite a few more points to reach. To make it to Level 10, you need to get 100,000 points. Even getting to Level 7 takes 5,000 points. That’s a lot of photos....

    Google is also changing the points system. Some information that has a higher impact for Google Maps users like being the first to add a new place to the map or writing reviews, will now earn you more points. As the company also announced today, guides who get to level four will now get three months of free access to Google Play Music and 75 percent off rentals in the Google Play Movie store.

    Here is a link on the point system: Point system
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