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    Google wants to take the Apple approach when it comes to Nexus devices
    A new report from The Information suggests Google is looking to transition to Apple-style authority over the Nexus line, which would include having 100% say in marketing and branding, design and manufacturing, and software. Google will likely still contract the work of established OEMs and source parts from the usual suspects like Qualcomm, but the goal is to make a phone that's truly 100% Google and not influenced by anyone but the Mountain View company.
  1. rurocking

    rurocking Newbie

    They should have kept the ownership of Motorola.
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  2. Endda

    Endda Guest

    From what I read, they were being pressured by Android OEMs like Samsung, HTC and LG that made them decide to sell. Google got to keep the patents, so at least they got something out of the whole thing
  3. rurocking

    rurocking Newbie

    It does not matter who owns Motorola at this point, Google or Lenovo, the company learned a lot from their short ownership from Google and are now making pure devices that are easily to upgrade making them much more attractive to the consumer. That what those OEMs should have learned from that ownership. I for one, am very glad if that is what Google is going to do.
  4. Sento

    Sento Well-Known Member

    I agree, motorola makes the best phones, LG phones SUCK, every lg phone i had would randomly reboot and have all kinds of bugs/crashes/freezing, and i always bought them new, not used.

    but motorola phones are crafted by god himself as an apology to not giving me a girlfriend in this life....but maybe he only did that to remind myself how i have a nice phone but nobody to talk to....thats how it is with god, no matter what happens in life he will always find a way to make you suffer, either give you a crappy phone that frustrates you with random reboots, or give you a nice phone and show you how you have nobody to talk to.
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