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    GoPro acquires both Replay and Splice, hopes to improve their users' mobile editing experience
    GoPro has just announced a couple of acquisitions that will make editing GoPro videos much easier on mobile devices in the future.

    The 2 apps, Splice and Replay, are currently on iOS and have Android releases planned for sometime this year.
  1. Rob

    Rob Galaxy S20 Ultra

    GoPro has been talking about their mobile video editing for ages. The fact that they just now are buying companies instead of rolling out their own solution seems kind of troubling.

    I'm not familiar with either app... Curious to see them on Android.
  2. Endda

    Endda Guest

    Meh, I look at it like Google's acquisition of Waze and Snapseed. Sometimes it's just better to buy something pre-built and possibly get the talent that comes along with it

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