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    HTC 10 shakes up the idea of BoomSound
    With the announcement of the HTC 10, HTC decided to shake things up a bit in regards to arguably one of the best features since the HTC One M7 - BoomSound. HTC's speakers of the past were noticeable due to the fact that they were front-facing and provided some great sounds.

    With the addition of the fingerprint sensor, HTC removed the BoomSound front-facing speakers, and instead are focusing on creating an all new experience that has been dubbed BoomSound Hi-Fi.
  1. Rob

    Rob Galaxy S20 Ultra

    This stinks. I loved the front facing speakers and it was always one of my favorite differentiating factors. I still think every smartphone should have speakers on the front... Because logic.
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  2. jeffbuford

    jeffbuford Lurker

    I think the article isn't real clear. From other sites the top speaker is still a speaker, but the bottom is gone and replaced by a bottom firing sub. Could be interesting, but also agree that front facing sound has kept me an HTC fan even though I hate Sense

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