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    HTC 10 Will Come With A Warranty That Covers Bootloader Unlocking
    Amidst the hubbub surrounding the HTC 10 announcement, some may have glanced over something pretty awesome in regards to HTC's Uh-Oh Protection warranty.

    In addition to receiving a free replacement device if you crack your screen within the first 12 months of ownership, the warranty also covers bootloader unlocking, which is huge for developers.
  1. archer999

    archer999 Lurker

    Good guy htc
  2. dubyadud

    dubyadud Lurker

    Sounds like im gettin me a HTC. My S6 will never be that cool. Anybody know if it will come to USC?
  3. Endda

    Endda Guest

    Motorola claimed this at one point too, but they seemed to change their mind
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  4. ippolito1971

    ippolito1971 Lurker

    Very tempting. However for business my Note5 is too good to surrender.
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