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    HTC One M10 display might actually be 5.2 inches
    The HTC One M10 is in the works, and rumors suggest its display size is a bit bigger than originally reported -- instead of 5.1 inches, it'll come in at 5.2 inches. Not so big of a difference that it should make or break the phone either way, but interesting to note regardless.
  1. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guest

    More significant of a change from the M9's 5.0'' display.
    The M10 needs to keep the SD Card & I/R Blaster, along with decent battery capacity, otherwise , I'll be skipping HTC this time around.
    The FF Speaker loss (c'mon HTC, one FF'er would have been better than a bottom mounted one) is bad enough.
    Any further erosion of features throws this in the pack with the mid rangers.

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