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    HTC stock hits 9 month high despite monthly revenue dropping to 10-year low
    There's some good news and bad news to report on the HTC front. The company's February revenue report came in at $129 million - the lowest number HTC has reported in 10 years. Despite that, HTC's stock price surged 10% on Monday. Investors are seeing immense value in HTC stock with positive HTC Vie pre-order reports and the fact that HTC and Under Armour have sold through the first production run of the UA Health Box.
  1. overlordror

    overlordror Well-Known Member
    Phandroid Staff

    Looks like a lot of people have faith in their VR partnership with Valve because their phone business certainly doesn't justify this jump.
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  2. Rob

    Rob Galaxy S20 Ultra

    The HTC Vive maybe will ReVive the company?

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