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    iPhone 12 & Galaxy S20 might BOTH have USB Type-C
    Incompatibility between Android and iOS devices is one of the most frustrating thing on the planet for platform agnostic tech lovers. There's a hoard of interoperability shortcomings such as the dreaded "Loved" this message issue in iMessage that plagues Android Forums members every day.

    Another big one is proprietary charging cables and connectivity. It confuses consumers and contributes to a considerable amount of waste. For just those reason the European Union recently voted in favor of creating a standard connectivity requirement that may force Apple to move away from Lightning cables towards USB Type-C.

    That sounds like an absolute DREAM for consumers but is it fair to Apple? Will it actually happen? Let us know what you think in the comments.

    Loved "That sounds like an absolute DREAM for consumers but is it fair to Apple? Will it actually happen? Let us know what you think in the comments."
  1. mikedt

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    Well Apple has already ditched Lightning and gone to USB-C with the newest iPads. So I think it does stand to reason that they'll do the same with their other iOS devices, the iPhones. And Macs have been USB-C for a while now.
  2. Hadron

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    Everything Apple say suggests they will resist this. For their consumer devices Lightning has important advantages for them, one of which is the incompatibility as this provides a lock-in for their current customers (and the main market is upgrades rather than new customers). The other is of course that it's proprietary and parented, so they get licence fees from anyone who wishes to make peripherals for it.

    The Macs using usb-c is different. There are too many things that Lightning cannot do, including delivering enough power for a laptop, that it isn't an option. The iPad Pro is a curious case, but that's of little interest to me so I've never tried to figure out the reason.

    Are they right to demand this? Standardisation brings benefits (the lack of this, with different networks using incompatible technologies, was one of the reasons that the USA was much slower than Europe to adopt mobile phones), and Apple's argument that it "stifles innovation" ignores that (it also ignores the fact that they can only "innovate" in this by ditching Lightning themselves, and so is inconsistent with their other arguments). It would be worth doing if it was also mandated that the devices must be offered for sale without a charger - otherwise we've already seen that manufacturers bundle one anyway and so we still end up with proliferation of the things. But no, none of Apple's arguments hold water, indeed for a company with their resources not to be able to come up with better shows that they really have no argument other than protecting the self-serving aspects of Lightning.

    Do I think it will happen? Not soon if at all: large corporations are good at prolonged intransigence.
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    That would be good @Rob
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