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    Wow, what a truly weak puff piece! "The S21 Ultra's wide-angle lens features a field of view as wide as a DSLR" - unless of course you put a wider lens on the DSLR. And comparing to a crop sensor camera at the same focal length as the full frame is beyond stupid - of course you get different fields of view for the same focal length with different sensor sizes, and Samsung know this because they compared their 13mm lens to a 24mm lens on the full frame DSLR. So what was the point of also comparing to a 24mm lens on a crop-sensor DSLR? Maybe their marketing people don't understand what they are doing (wouldn't be entirely unknown)?

    And then of course they only show small, low-resolution copies of the shots (even the so called "high res" downloads are low resand don't appear to have thought about the metering. The shots give me the distinct impression that the photographer was told "just shoot something, don't make it look too good", and then they decided not to let you compare in detail anyway just to be safe.

    As you'd expect from something released by a manufacturer's marketing department, it's not really worth reading.

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