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    Latest update to Yahoo Mail brings subfolders, 11 new theme colors, stars and more
    The Yahoo Mail application for Android just received an update that is making the UI a more customized and personal experience.

    The update includes the following changes. . .
    - Rename Accounts: Long-press any of your accounts in the account switcher to give them new names like "Personal" or "Work."
    - Photo Options: Preview or save any photo or image you've received in a message by tapping on it. In compose, move any image between the message body and the attachment tray by pressing on the "..." on the image.
    - Subfolders and More: Long-press on any folder to rename it, delete it or create a subfolder.
    - Stars: In settings, enable tappable stars to see them in your inbox and other message lists. Also, don't forget that you can set custom swipes, so you can star any message you like with just a swipe

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