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    LG G5 review says it is likable, just not for everybody
    Phone Arena just published their review of the LG G5 and while they did like a lot about the device, they felt it was just missing something that they couldn't quite put their finger on.

    - Fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate
    - The display can get extremely bright
    - The interface has been redesigned and now looks dignified
    - Very fluid overall, great performance in games
    - Camera delivers great photos both during the day and night
    - Offers native integration with the LG Friends accessories
    - You get 100GB of Google Drive storage for 2 years

    - Rather uncomfortable to hold due to the slippery matte back
    - The placement of the fingerprint scanner is not optimal
    - The display is overly cold and off target in color reproduction
    - Indoor photos are soft and occasionally with white balance issues

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