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    LG is rumored to be getting rid of its secondary display for the V30
    A source close to XDA says that LG will finally be getting rid of the secondary display its V series has been known for. Not only that, but it will likely also come with an OLED panel as well.
  1. face hair

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    This is disappointing. Not a fan of this new aspect ratio. The whole idea of buying a phablet was that you HAD to use it it with two hands. What is all this bs about being able to use these large devices with one hand. Just buy a smaller phone then
  2. Hadron

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    Bear in mind that part of the reason for the secondary display was that LG wanted AMOLED for that, while their main display is LCD. If they use an AMOLED for the main display then they don't need a second display, they can just implement the function via software at the top of the screen.

    Anyway you don't know what size the V30 will be: it might have a longer display and still be too wide to use one-handed ;)

    (Though I don't get the "whole idea of a phablet being that you had to use it two-handed". Why would anyone choose a phone because they couldn't use it one-handed? I can see someone choosing a large phone and accepting that as a consequence, but not that being an actual reason for choosing a large phone).

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