1. Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Here is everything we know so far!
    LG Mobile decline continues in Q4 2017
    LG Electronics released its Q4 and full 2017 financial results. The company posted record full-year revenues of KRW61.4 trillion ($55.4 billion), almost 11% more than 2016. Profit also was impressive - KRW2.47 trillion ($2.24 billion) which is an 85% increase over the previous 12 months. The Mobile Communications division still couldn't turn a profit, however.
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    Yup, I still haven't seen any LG phones.
  2. Because the build quality of their mobile devices has been and is still crap today. Look at the G6. If you wipe it with a Kleenex, it's scratched. Buy a V10 or a V20 and you're very likely to buy a dud. I've owned/repaired several LG devices. They want too much money for imminent failure lol...
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    Are we talking about the G6 and the V30?

    Those are premium devices regardless of what they produced in the past.
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    The last three of the four Android devices I have owned in the last five years have been LG phones. When my samsung galaxy s3 gave out and I needed a replacement I got the LG Nexus 4. When my Nexus 4 meet an untimely end I got an LG L90. When my Nexus 6 started acting up last week and gave out. I made of a list of four possible replacements, two of them where LG devices including the LG G6. I went with the G6 because of the price and reviews. I watched plenty on YouTube videos on the LG V30 camera capabilities along with Apple and the various Samsung galaxy phones. I will say the LG G6 has the best camera. (Second only to the note 8) the manual mode is incredible it allows for some great picture taking. LG hit a home run with the G6.
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