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    LG V30: 3 Months Later
    The LG V30 was called the Best Android phone we've ever used in our original review. But how is it holding up almost three months later? Check out our device re-review to find out.
  1. mlknez

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    You have a slightly incorrect statement in your review. The camera Hardware is actually better on the V30 than the Pixel. The software that is used to take a raw image and render it to a jpg is better on the Pixel. That can be easily remedied in one of two ways, either:

    1. Install the google camera app to the V30
    2. Take raw photos and convert to jpg on your PC

    Also, the PRIMARY reason to purchase this phone is for the Sabre DAC. It takes the place of a $300 add-on piece of hardware that is normally necessary to achieve this level of audio support. The problem is that LG has done a very poor job of educating people how to properly use it. (hint: you cant really use the bundled music app to get it to work up to it's potential!)
  2. Hadron

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    I'm curious: in what way is the camera hardware better on the V30? I know it has a dual camera, but I count that as "features" rather than "quality". I don't have information to compare the two lenses, but the V30 has more pixels in a smaller sensor, which I definitely count as "worse".

    The f1.6 aperture is a plus for the V30, but that only lets in 25% more light intensity than the Pixel's f1.8, while the Pixel's sensor area is 50% larger and the individual pixels have twice the area of the LG's, so in terms of light collection the Pixel definitely wins. So unless you have data that shows that the Pixel's sensor has a much higher readout noise per channel the Pixel easily wins in signal/noise, despite the LG's larger aperture. Conversely 16Mpix Vs 12Mpix is only a 15% increase in linear resolution, which is a marginal gain. So at least in terms of specs the Pixel's camera hardware has a better balance in my book.

    I absolutely agree about the DAC, and if it had been included in a smaller phone I'd have been very tempted indeed (the G6 we got here did not have that).
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