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    LineageOS updates to 7.1.2, fixed an extra tiles bug and more
    Over the latest two weeks there have been a number of code changes to LineageOS including. . .

    Android 7.1.2
    Fixed Extra Tiles issues leading to increased battery usage problems
    Many minor bugfixes
    Website and wiki are now using https by default
    April fools (VoLTE and Br0zip) are now gone

    . . .and the following build roster changes including. . .

    Added 14.1 devices
    HTC M9 (GSM) - himaul - maintainers: rashed, raymanfx
    HTC M9 (Verizon) - himawl - maintainers: flyhalf205, rashed, raymanfx
    Letv LeEco Le 2 (International) - s2 - maintainer: codeworkx
    Letv LeEco LePro3 - zl1 - maintainers: codeworkx, jrior001
    LG L90 - w7 - maintainer: mobiusm
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 LTE (Sprint) - lt02ltespr - maintainer: deadman96385
    Yu Yuphoria - lettuce - maintainers: h2o64, mikeioannina, TheStrix
    Yu Yureka - tomato - maintainers: h2o64, Meninblack007, mikeioannina

    Changes to 14.1 devices
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE Korean variants (t0ltektt,t0lteskt) are now unified under t0ltekor - maintainers: filiprrs, PoisonNinja
    klteusc has been merged into klte. To continue receiving updates, flash the latest klte build, as this is the last week of klteusc builds

    Removed 14.1 devices
    Nextbit Robin - ether
    Temporarily disabled by maintainers until major bugs are addressed

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