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    Live Cases designed by Jeff Koons for Nexus phones are now available for $40
    Yesterday, a report suggested Google was teaming up with Jeff Koons to reveal limited edition Live Cases for their Nexus phones. Live Cases are those which can be customized with photos, and can ship with accompanying pictures to be used as a live wallpaper.

    Google made the news official today. The company teamed up with the artist for 3 different pieces. The theme comes from Koons' "Gazing Ball" concept, and the ball is used in conjunction with several depictions of classic sculpture art. The Nexus 6P's fingerprint sensor and the Nexus 5X's camera act as the Gazing Ball's viewing hole in each of the cases, which is a pretty cool concept.

    You can buy the cases for $40, and they'll be available in limited quantities through June.

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