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    Lyft Carpool is a new way for drivers to make money from commuters
    We hear a lot about Uber in the Android community but Lyft doesn't seem to be able to make as many headlines.

    Today though, Lyft has announced a new feature they're calling Lyft Carpool. It is only available in the San Francisco Bay Area right now, but the company hopes to expand the service as time goes on.
  1. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    I've certainly been hearing much more about Uber than Lyft, which I believe is US only, while Uber is very much global now, available in many countries. Especially about Uber having difficulties here in China. Competing with the likes of Didi, which is included with Wechat. I use Didi a lot, never Uber.

    Frankly most headlines I read about Uber are bad news, about its continuing problems, trials and tribulations. This is a good headline and story for Lyft. :)
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