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    Microsoft announces an update to their Groove Music Android application
    For those of you who enjoy using Microsoft's Groove Music app, you'll be delighted to hear that an update is being rolled out via the Play Store right now.

    The update includes the following changes. . .
    - Significant improvements to product and playback reliability.
    - An Explore view to learn about the most popular songs and new releases from top artists.
    - Faster download of albums and songs so you can play them offline. The app still needs to be in the foreground to download music, background download coming in a future update.
    - Screen resolution improvements to support today’s larger screen mobile phones.
    - New sorting options when viewing your collection of music.
    - Much faster sign-in to the app using your Microsoft account.
  1. granitehead

    granitehead Lurker
    May 27, 2014

    May 27, 2014
    So, I'm finding some very unintuitive things about this release:
    1) There appears to be no way to have Groove find and play music locally stored on the phone. The OneDrive music folder appears to be the only source for non-subscription, non-streamed music. My GF is very cloud-adverse (don't ask).
    2) Created playlists seem to be *only* stored on the phone. They do not show up on OneDrive and when "OneDrive only" filter is selected, they disappear.
    3) I've found no way to reorder songs in a playlist making them essentially useless.

    Hope I'm missing some obvious things here...

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