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    New OxygenOS community builds are now available for the OnePlus 3 and OnePlus X
    OnePlus has just pushed out a new community build for the OnePlus 3, as well as for the OnePlus X.

    The new OnePlus 3 build includes the following changes. . .

    - Added “kill all background processes” button in recents menu
    - Added long press options in messages application
    - Enhanced incoming call notification UI
    - Added manual “check for update” button
    - Added additional directions for first fingerprint configuration
    - Battery Saver mode optimizations and enhancements
    - Added back contacts widget in launcher
    - Improved dialer speed
    - New modes added in control panel (night mode and battery saver)
    - Added support for PIN codes up to 6 digits

    While the new OnePlus X build includes the following changes. . .

    - Added ability to move apps to SD card
    - Improved touch responsiveness, speed, and accuracy
    - Improved HFR setting in video capture
    - Implemented September Android security patches
    - General bug fixes

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