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    OnePlus 3 review says OnePlus is learning how to cut the right corners
    OnePlus got a lot of flack last year for cutting corners that people felt didn't need to be cut (NFC, Quick Charge, etc), but Ryan feels OnePlus has actually learned from their mistake last year.

    The Good
    - The aluminum frame looks and feels very high-quality, though perhaps a little boring.
    - It's a totally capable camera for the price with good detail and accurate colors.
    - 64GB of speedy UFS 2.0 storage
    - The Snapdragon 820 doesn't get too hot and apps load quickly. As fast as more expensive phones in most instances.
    - The screen-off gestures are useful and reliable.
    - It's one of the fastest and most accurate fingerprint scannera I've used.
    - Supports band 12 and VoLTE on T-Mobile, dual SIMs
    - If you don't mind a few trade offs, the Alert Slider is a handy feature for controlling the notification mode.
    - Dash Charge is fast.
    - The $399 asking price is reasonable for what you get. And no invites, finally.

    The Not So Good
    - The color calibration doesn't seem very good, and you can see some PenTile artifacts at 1080p.
    - 6GB of RAM in this phone is mostly a marketing gimmick.
    - The OnePlus 3 squeaks by with barely average battery life, but OP used a smaller battery this year than it did last year.
    - The Alert Slider disables scheduled downtime and Android Wear notification mode control.
    - I dislike the tiny unlabeled capacitive buttons.
    - You only get fast charging with the included adapter and cable.

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