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Every Nest cam has had serious vulnerabilities since October, but they'll finally be fixed soon

Florida-based security expert Jason Doyle initially found these serious issues with the Nest cameras back in October and he did his part by reporting them through the proper channels. However, the company chose to ignore those reports and it wasn't until Doyle made them public that Nest has decide to do something about it. Nest says they're...

T-mobile announces the John Legere LG G6 Social Media Sweepstakes

To celebrate LG G6 pre-order day, John Legere of T-Mobile has announced a sweepstakes that will result in 6 different people being sent a free device.

Hands-on with the Huawei P10 shows us the box contents

Droid Life just published their hands-on unboxing of the Huawei P10 to show us what comes in the box. We also get a look at the overall build of the device and a brief look at the software.

LG G6 camera review says it is more flexible and more complete

Pocketnow just published their review of the camera for the LG G6 and they felt it is an improvement over the camera in the LG G5. However, they feel LG did have to make some compromises compared to the camera experience of the LG V20.

Chainfire says he now has root access to Android O DP1, but needs to iron out some issues

Less than 24 hours and Chainfire has already been able to gain root access to Google's first developer preview of Android O. There hasn't been anything released just yet though as he says there are some issues that need to be fixed first.

DEAL: Google is selling the ASUS OnHub router for $129 in the Google Store

Google has been charging $200 for the ASUS OnHub router in the Google Store, but today it has marked down the price from $199 to $129.

New Google Photos update includes improved backup options

Google has just pushed the latest update to its mobile Photos application. The update now includes the ability to backup low-quality images when using cellular connection. Once connected to Wi-Fi, the full-resolution image will be uploaded.

Casio unveils the new WSD-F20S smartwatch at Baselworld 2017

Casio has announced the new WSD-F20S which features a new design, while also including the same outdoor features as its predecessor.

Google is adding an "audio-only" call option to Google Duo, with a catch

Google has announced that Duo will be receiving an audio-only call option, but the feature will only be available for users in Brazil.

Samsung is preparing to use OLED more in future devices

A new report claims that Samsung will be using OLED for future products, moving away from using LCD display panels.

You'll be able to purchase the 'Midnight Black' OnePlus 3T for a limited time

Starting on March 24th, OnePlus will be offering a limited edition 'Midnight Black' OnePlus 3T. This device will be priced at $479, and can be purchased from at hbx.com.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ Nougat update now available for download

You can now download and install the Android Nougat update for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+.

Android O combines 'Files' with 'Downloads'

With the Android O update, the Downloads and Files apps have been combined.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review says it's hard to justify the $600 price point

Android Authority has published its review of the Galaxy Tab S3 and gave it a score of 7.8 out of 10. The pros of the device include a beautiful display, and a battery that quickly recharges. The cons include a "so-so" camera, and just average battery life.

Here are the 10 best Amazon Alexa Skills

Russell from Android Central has compiled a list of the best Amazon Alexa skills you can use, and the list includes the ability to order from Amazon, call for an Uber or Lyft ride, and more.

Samsung could give Galaxy S8 buyers a full refund option

A new report claims that Samsung will be offering a full refund option to those who purchase the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus. The option will be available for up to 3 months after purchasing.

Google publishes its 2016 Year In Review for Android Security

Android security questions may be put to the wayside after Google has published its 2016 Year in Review which takes a look at all of the efforts that have been taken to combat malware.

You'll soon be able to share your real-time location from Google Maps

Google has announced that an upcoming update will allow users to easily share their trips and real-time locations from the Google Maps application.

The latest Pokemon Go event gives you a better chance to catch a Lapras

Starting today at 1PM PDT, the latest Pokemon Go event will be underway. This event will make it easier to catch water Pokemon including those found in the Johto region and possibly Lapras.

Marriott International is testing Amazon Alexa in select hotel rooms

A new report claims that Marriott Hotels are testing the use of Amazon Alexa devices against using Apple's Siri in hotel rooms.

This blurry Galaxy S8 video gives us a quick glimpse of Bixby

A new video has appeared which briefly shows what the Bixby interface will look like on the Galaxy S8.

Google has removed granular battery details in Android O

Android Police has discovered that Android O removes granular battery usage information in the Settings.

The Samsung Unpacked 2017 app gives you the ability to watch the Galaxy S8 livestream

The Samsung Unpacked 2017 app has been launched on the Play Store and gives users the ability to view the livestream when the Galaxy S8 is unveiled.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review says this is Android's answer to the iPad Pro

The Verge has published its review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and states that this is a "direct shot" at Apple's iPad Pro. The review also states that it's a good tablet but it's nearly twice the price of a Chromebook, which offers more flexibility.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 review states it's not $600 good

Engadget has published its review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and states that you're paying a premium for the S Pen and an HDR display. However, the tablet also is a solid option which does "nearly everything it promises".