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Google Maps real-time location sharing is limited to three days

The real-time location sharing feature that is rolling out in Google Maps has a time limitation of three days. When turning the feature on, users will be able to select a time range from 15 minutes to a total of 3 days.

Here are some reason why some people will be buying the LG G6

Phandroid has an opinion piece up that talks about why one of their writers will definitely be buying the LG G6. They include things such as LG moving away from gimmicks, the reduced bezels, the two rear cameras, and more.

BlackBerry's Privacy Shade app stops people around you from reading your screen

BlackBerry just uploaded a new application to the Play Store called Privacy Shade. The application will cover the whole screen in darkness except for a small circular area that you drag around to where you need.

Prosecutors believe they can extract the data from phones that were seized during Inauguration Day

Some court papers were filed recently from the 214 people who were rioting and protesting during Trump's Inauguration Day. There were more than 100 smartphones seized and the prosecutors think they're allowed to extract the data from the confiscated phones.

Hands-on with the Huawei P10 Plus says it doesn't disappoint

GSM Arena just got their hands on the Huawei P10 Plus and while they are happy with how the device looks and feels, they feel it will be hard to recommend over the Mate 9 Pro because of the price.

Latest Twitter app update now lets you double tap an image to zoom in

Twitter just rolled out a new update to the Play Store that finally allows you to double tap on an image to zoom into it. There could be more changes in this update as their official changelog just says "a few updates to make Twitter even better."

Nokia confirms they will be launching some Android smartphones in the United States

We've seen a lot of headlines about Nokia phones lately, but many are wondering if they'll be launched in the United States. While they didn't go into specifics, the official Nokia Mobile Twitter page did confirm that they are planning on a global release for some of their recent Android devices.

OnePlus updates the OnePlus 2 with March's security patches

Many people with the OnePlus 2 are still waiting for their Nougat update, but the latest OTA update comes with the following changes. . . - Updated Google security patch to 1st March 2017 - Fixed echo issue during video calls in Duo App - Fixed persistent network drop issues - Fixed data roaming issue in certain countries - Improved audio...

Latest Substratum update adds DirectAssets mode and begins work on support for Android O

When you install a Substratum theme, you used to have to wait while the theme engine would cache the theme so that you could install it. In the latest update, this time-consuming part is no longer needed, and they're even starting to work on Android O support too.

2017 Samsung Galaxy A7 review calls it a marathoner with a punch

GSM Arena just published their review of the 2017 Galaxy A7 and they feel it is a compelling offer and one big enough to take on phablet buyer needs.They just feel it will be hard for it to compete with the Galaxy S7 since they're priced about the same.

You can now pre-order the Moto G5 Plus in the UK, possible blue version coming soon

If you live in the United Kingdom, you can now pre-order the Moto G5 Plus from Carphone Warehouse for £250. There's also a new rumor that claims the device will also be made available in a blue variant as well.

Super Mario Run launches a day early in the Play Store

For a while, we've been able to pre-register for Super Mario Run, but we couldn't download it. It was then announced that it would be launched on March 23rd, but it seems they went ahead and jumped the gun a day early.

You can now pre-register for the new Office Space: Idle Profits game in the Play Store

Kongregate just published a new game in the Play Store based on the cult classic movie, Office Space. The goal is to collect as many pennies as you can, then use them to on rewards and bonuses that enable you to move up from the storage room.

Hands-on with the new Midnight Black OnePlus 3T shows it's the same as the Colette version

MKBHD was able to get his hands on the new limited edition black OnePlus 3T and just uploaded his video of it. We can see it has the same hardware as the regular version, but with a matte black finish.

New benchmark entry could give us an idea for what hardware to expect from the next LeEco device

There's a new Geekbench database entry that claims to be of an upcoming LeEco smartphone. If true, we should expect one of their new devices to ship with MediaTek's Helio X20 SoC, 3GB of RAM, and Android 7.1.2.

Instagram says they're working on ways for customers to schedule appointments with businesses

Instagram just published a blog post today that announced they were able to achieve 1 million advertisers onto their platform. To help them reach their potential customers, the company says they're working on a way to let customers book appointments at, for example, hair and nail salons.

Hands-on video gives us a look at the new features in Android O

Phandroid goes hands-on with the new Android O developer preview and gives us a video walk through of the features that it comes with.

The beta of Android 7.1.2 Nougat includes a usage alerts list for misbehaving applications

Having an application using more battery life than it should can always lead to a bad day and Android 7.1.2 tries to at least inform you of the applications that are causing issues. With the new beta update, diving into the settings application and going into the battery section will reveal a new option for usage alerts.

Latest Xfinity TV Remote app update adds a D-pad and voice controls

Comcast has just rolled out a new update to their Xfinity TV Remote application in the Play Store. You'll now have access to a directional pad within the app, and can even issue voice commands too.

Every Nest cam has had serious vulnerabilities since October, but they'll finally be fixed soon

Florida-based security expert Jason Doyle initially found these serious issues with the Nest cameras back in October and he did his part by reporting them through the proper channels. However, the company chose to ignore those reports and it wasn't until Doyle made them public that Nest has decide to do something about it. Nest says they're...

T-mobile announces the John Legere LG G6 Social Media Sweepstakes

To celebrate LG G6 pre-order day, John Legere of T-Mobile has announced a sweepstakes that will result in 6 different people being sent a free device.

Hands-on with the Huawei P10 shows us the box contents

Droid Life just published their hands-on unboxing of the Huawei P10 to show us what comes in the box. We also get a look at the overall build of the device and a brief look at the software.

LG G6 camera review says it is more flexible and more complete

Pocketnow just published their review of the camera for the LG G6 and they felt it is an improvement over the camera in the LG G5. However, they feel LG did have to make some compromises compared to the camera experience of the LG V20.

Chainfire says he now has root access to Android O DP1, but needs to iron out some issues

Less than 24 hours and Chainfire has already been able to gain root access to Google's first developer preview of Android O. There hasn't been anything released just yet though as he says there are some issues that need to be fixed first.

DEAL: Google is selling the ASUS OnHub router for $129 in the Google Store

Google has been charging $200 for the ASUS OnHub router in the Google Store, but today it has marked down the price from $199 to $129.