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    Pixel won’t get KRACK fix until December
    In October, security researchers discovered a major vulnerability in a Wi-Fi's WPA2 security called KRACK. Google was supposed to fix KRACK as part of November's security patch, but a technicality means Pixel devices won't get it until December.
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    There's a too common misconception that KRACK came about in October but the reality is it was actually discovered in back in 2016. Those security researchers then studied it and later responsibly revealed their results earlier this year to the proper vendors. It was only in October that the press release was made public. So with all the manufactured panic currently going on, the actual exploit has been with us for quite some time and it's not even like we know who has or hasn't been exploiting it all along even before 2016. So yeah, this is of course a very serious problem but it's not like we can get a definitive answer on if any black hat hackers, and/or the NSA, haven't been using it for years now.


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