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    Pollen Chat is a new messenger for anonymously talking with nearby people
    Pollen Chat is a new Android app that allows you to anonymously connect with nearby people. You can chat with locals without sharing your identity, discover nearby events, and get local deals. The app is free and features material design.
  1. psionandy

    psionandy Extreme Android User

    Until they manage to get a bucket full of users... This is a dead duck
  2. steve

    steve Developer

    The timed messaging sucks for a location with only me. lol. App has potential but seems beta to me.
  3. Phases


    Sounds alright tho. I'd use it more for mindless chatter than to find events etc though.
  4. Rajat Saxena

    Rajat Saxena Lurker

    Hello everyone, I am the creator of Pollen Chat. I do agree with you guys that we have to solve the whole "chicken and egg" scenario. But anonymous chats are more powerful than that and are not constrained to any specified radius. Chat features can be used to connect with people across the globe. The app can come handy in establishing communications with strangers you don't really trust and you just don't wanna share your phone numbers or emails with them.

    The concepts of events / deals are there so as to make the app a complete package and to cater all the hyper-local needs a user can have with such an application.

    I have written a post explaining everything. Please read it. If you have any questions, you can contact me directly on Pollen Chat, my nickname is 'rajat'(without quotes).

    Post: https://medium.com/pollen-chat/introducing-pollen-chat-3083684e47c9
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