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    Real Graphene G-Lite 60W Charger Review: Wicked fast charging, at a price
    In a world where phone makers are trying to make it possible to re-charge as fast as possible (looking at you OnePlus and Oppo), it’s equally important to have a portable charger that can keep up. So when a power bank maker comes out and says that “this is the world’s fastest charging”, there is some obvious skepticism. Nonetheless, that’s exactly what Real Graphene is doing with its G-Lite portable charger.
    Real Graphene Charger Specs

    • Capacity: 5,000mAh
  1. Hadron

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    I was thinking the other day that fast charging actually makes more sense in a power bank than a wall charger. Many, probably most, people charge overnight, where fast charging is not only unnecessary but will if anything be a liability (it has to stress the battery more, whatever claims manufacturers make). But a power bank is something you are using on the go because you are low, so in the circumstances where fast charging will be most useful.

    I'm still not convinced about 60W charging though - that's actually something that would put me off a phone at.

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