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    Rumored Pixel 2 device shows up on GFXBench
    A new device that is supposedly the Pixel XL has appeared on GFXBench, sporting a 5.6" display and 18:9 ratio. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 835 processor with 4GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage, and two dual rear cameras.
  1. Hadron

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    That's a 19.5:10 ratio, half way between the Essential phone and the G6. So if true that's another slightly different variation on the theme.

    The most suspicious thing is calling this an "XL" though. A 5.6" screen of this format would be the same width as a 5.2" 16:9. So if this is the XL then either the regular Pixel 2 is smaller than the current Pixel, or it is a 16:9 device, or this was made up by someone who doesn't understand what screen sizes mean with these longer formats.

    Of course with rumours of 3 Pixel 2 variants it might be that the XL is smaller than the current one, and that the third device is for fans of big phones...
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  2. Rojo623

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    Hope they compete with some smaller bezels. But even if they don't, I'm still buying it
  3. Rojo623

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    Such a solid phone (the original). I've tried every flagship, and I can never go back to anything else.

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