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    Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) review says it's a less-powerful S6 for those on a budget
    Krystal of Android Authority just published her review of the 2016 Galaxy A5 really enjoyed it for the most part.

    She says it has great battery life, the 1080p display is bright and crisp, the build quality is good and she liked that it had both a microSD card slot as well as a fingerprint scanner.

    However, she didn't like that the speaker was weak, that the home screen lagged at times and said the camera wasn't as good as others in this price class.
  1. charcape

    charcape Lurker

    I bought the Galaxy A5 2016 2016 and very pleased with it.
    I wanted more battery power, a good camera, lots of SD space and a low price. And I got all that with this phone!

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