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    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review Roundup
    The reviews for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge have started flooding in. Read all the reviews listed below. We will be adding more reviews to this thread as they come in.

    Android Central

    "Compared to the compact Galaxy S7 the larger size of the GS7 edge is going to cause problems for some people, but if you want the boost in battery, head-turning curved screen and handful of extra software features, the Galaxy S7 edge is the one to get."

    "The Galaxy S7 Edge has a gorgeous larger curved screen and larger battery than the otherwise identical standard S7. It really is something special. The extra navigation tools can be useful when used judiciously."

    "Rather than start anew, Samsung's designers instead set about refining last year's formula, smoothing rough edges and making the new S7 and S7 Edge feel meaningfully different. Spoiler alert: It worked, and anyone even considering a new Android phone needs to consider owning one of these things."

    "everything considered, the Galaxy S7 edge is an amazing smartphone. Its camera is the best in the industry at this point, with exceptionally good performance even in low-light conditions. We expect Samsung will sell a lot of Galaxy S7 edge’s (and even the regular Galaxy S7) in the coming months,"
    The Verge

    "The S7 Edge is the clear standout between the two models (it’s also the one Samsung will be pushing the most in its advertising). While the standard S7 is an excellent device in its own right, the Edge is the one that advances forward in design and usability, and tackles one of the biggest complaints with modern smartphones head on."

    "Whether it's just rolling the refined chassis around in the hand, taking pictures that look great nine times out of ten or just enjoying the clarity and sharpness of the screen, the S7 Edge manages to delight in a world where smartphones are being offered with razor thin differences between them."


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