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    Samsung Galaxy S7 Review Roundup
    The Samsung Galaxy S7 is finally here, and reviews have been popping up like crazy. We've got a roundup of all the reviews you need to read. More will be added to this thread as they come in.

    Android Central

    "The Galaxy S7 is one of the two best phones we've seen in seven iterations of the Galaxy S series. It's the best design Samsung has brought to bear, big without being bulky, with a mix of specs and usability you'd expect in a phone of this caliber."

    "Polished design. Awesome camera. Long battery life. microSD storage slot and water-resistant (again!). The fast, powerful, beautiful Galaxy S7 phone is 2016's all-around phone to beat."

    "While the new Galaxy S7 isn't as dramatic a shift as the S6 was, it benefits immensely from a year's worth of refinement. It's more powerful, not to mention even more beautiful than the S6, but Samsung hasn't attained perfection just yet."

    "It looks great. Feels great. Lasts forever. Has a stellar camera. Packs in every conceivable piece of technology you could possibly want. And the entire thing is waterproof (up to five feet deep for 30 minutes)."

    The Verge

    "The S7 and S7 Edge aren’t perfect — the software still lags behind the hardware — but they get the basics right: great screens, great cameras, great performance, and reliable battery life."
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