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    Samsung Galaxy S8 review calls it a jack of all trades but a master of none
    Phandroid just released their review for Samsung's flagship smartphone and while they liked a lot of things it offered, they didn't feel many people will ignore the phone's shortcomings because of its curved display.

    The Good
    - Gorgeous design
    - Small bezels
    - Surprisingly quick iris/facial scanning
    - 64GB of internal storage AND a micro SD slot
    - Always On Display
    - Dual Audio and Separate App Audio
    - Samsung DeX desktop interface
    - Samsung Pay
    - Waterproof
    - Headphone jack

    The Bad
    - Curved display
    - Display issues (red tint inconsistencies, burn-in, grayscale banding)
    - TouchWiz is still stuttery as ever
    - Camera’s excessive noise filtering
    - Overly aggressive RAM management
    - Fingerprint placement and performance
    - Speaker quality
    - Old fast charging tech
    - Bixby is useless and Samsung wont let you remap its hardware button

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