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    Samsung Galaxy S9 review states it's not a meaningful upgrade
    GSM Arena has published its review of the Galaxy S9 and state that this is not a meaningful upgrade for Galaxy S8 owners. However, those who want great camera quality should still consider Samsung's latest.
  1. meyerweb

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    Only rarely is a single generation upgrade "meaningful." In any brand. Going from an iPhone 7s to an iPhone 8 isn't meaningful. Going from a Galaxy S7 to an S8 didn't really get you much. Nor from an LG G5 to a G6. Etc., etc., etc.
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  2. Hadron

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    The last 2 of your examples gave you major design changes, different screen ratios. That's a fairly significant difference even if the core functionality didn't change much (which, since phones are a mature technology, isn't happening even if you skip a few generations really).

    iPhone 7 to 8 I'll grant you - that just made the same design more fragile :p
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