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    Samsung starts rolling out Android 7.0 to Galaxy J7 Prime in India
    Samsung has started rolling out Android 7.0 Nougat to the Galaxy J7 Prime in India. The update brings a new UX to the phone along with improved notifications and quick settings as well as Dual Messenger and improved multi-window features.
  1. Dwaz4

    Dwaz4 Lurker

    Well, I hope the J7 prime works better than what I have. Mine connects and disconnects from WiFi non-stop and it is horrible. I have a nice setup using Linksys routers and extenders. Only the damn S7 prime has this problem. 2 moto G3 models and an Apple s6 plus have no problems. It stays connected with my 4G service provider. I see that the J7 model enabled users to turn off Wi-Fi power saver mode. This model does not have that. Any solutions available? I see many are having the same problem. Thanks in advance.

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