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    Sprint and T-Mobile are reportedly nearing a merger
    Sprint and T-Mobile have been doing a dance of acquisition and merging for years now, and it looks like all the talk might finally be leading someplace. According to CNBC, the two companies are now actively discussing a merger.
  1. viperdink

    viperdink Android Expert

    A deal like this surely means that consumers lose and the telecom revenue hungry giants will win. This is also a way to regulate devices used in the american markets so its a win win for these companies.
    The open source and developement communities are being dealt a death blow along with consumers in one big swoop. Free choice and our monies are the big prize and improved communication will suffer at the hand of corporate greed. The Android world will change and not for the better as we know it just as the forums we knew and loved have.
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    Smoke some more crack

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