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    The new Amazon Fire HD 8 is still the best tablet for kids
    Modern Dad has published his review of the new Amazon Fire HD 8 and states that it provides a great experience for kids and won't break the bank if you need to replace it.
  1. MichaelJD

    MichaelJD Lurker

    I rarely buy kid’s stuff. My wife does that herself. But I love gadgets, so I bought this to see how it would help my daughter. People who’ve praised this thingy for ages got it right.

    The Amazon Fire HD 8 rocks my kid’s world, not to forget that it is a tablet under 100 dollars. The cost isn’t what impressed me, though. The reviews did. I particularly loved the fact that it is rich in kid‘s friendly content, which is the reason why I bought it anyway.

    My princess just started going to daycare school, and I think this is what’s really best for her from me.

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