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    The Snapchat selfie drone could be Snap Inc’s latest hardware endeavor
    The Snapchat selfie drone could soon be upon us. After the success of Spectacles, Snap Inc is reportedly looking to acquire the company behind the selfie drone.
  1. ekor

    ekor Newbie

    How is this going to up their user numbers in large amounts enough to compete with Instagram?

    Are their shares still below the original i.p.o
  2. Rob

    Rob Galaxy S20 Ultra

    Their share price is falling by 2-3% every day and this will likely continue through the middle of August at least. It's WAY below the IPO price now and looks like single digits are coming soon.

    Snapchat spectacles seem to have been a bust and I don't see how a selfie drone plays into their strategy. It looks like they're headed towards a GoPro future and that seems like a disaster given GoPro's performance in the past couple years.
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  3. overlordror

    overlordror Well-Known Member
    Phandroid Staff

    Doesn't help that the Snap CEO publicly trashed Android users and said they're not a priority. Why use a one trick app like Snapchat when Facebook steals their feature and rolls it into Instagram? The Instagram app doesn't suck on Android, either.
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  4. ekor

    ekor Newbie

    I hadn't heard about him trashing Android,
    Just shows what kind of "business man" he is, here in the U.S the percentage of people with a mobile device is normally around 50 %-iPhone 50%-Android with a small fraction of error going to blackberry and others,
    But internationally Android is dominant, so if he were any sort of person to be a C.E.O he'd stop playing with his drones & keep his comments to himself instead of trashing the Android market he so badly needs to have any hope of saving face.:)

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