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    Twitter ditching chronological timeline next week in favor of Facebook-style algorithm
    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has committed to making huge changesand one of them could come as early as next week. Rumors state Twitter is on the verge of launching a new way to sort their timeline using a special Facebook-style algorithm rather than a chronological list.

    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has already hinted at another fundamental change - increasing the platform's 140 character limit to 10,000 - but no word on when that will appear.

    The company reports Q4 financial performance on Wednesday.
  1. Rob

    Rob Galaxy S20 Ultra

    Disagree. That's what people said about Facebook when they switched from chronological to algo-based. Everyone hated it in theory... and then became more addictive.

    It will be even more true for Twitter, which has a higher volume of posts and greater noise to signal ratio. This will allow the average person that follows people on Twitter and visits the site once or twice a day to see stuff they actually care about, rather than the most recent post about Joe Fedewa's pet rabbit that pooped twice today.

    Next up: 10,000 character Tweets! Honestly, they should make the 10k limit only for verified users and paid upgrades. I think that'd work well. Or figure out something to limit it.

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