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    Video compares app launch speed and RAM management of the Snapdragon and Exynos Galaxy S7 Edge
    PhoneBuff did a quick comparison of the two different models of the Galaxy S7 Edge(Snapdragon and Exynos). To compare, David launched a series of apps back to back and clocked how long it took for each lap.

    At the end of the second lap, we see the Exynos model finish in 2:03:32 while the Snapdragon model took 2:41:0.
  1. DanielDI

    DanielDI Lurker
    Feb 24, 2016

    I'm on XEF 6.0.1 Samsung s6,I can load 10 apps without reload but haven't tried any games yet. Imo lollipop was broken so the only reason for Samsung to have a good battery life was to shut down the apps.. Asus have terrible battery but good ram management..see the point? Now on marshmallow, it is was lollipop was supposed to be.. and a big kudos to Sammy for the fantastic update, I freaking love it!
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