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    Xiaomi vs OnePlus: Something To POCO About
    The Xiaomi POCO F1 launched in 2018 but still to this day is a popular and powerful phone. So popular, powerful, and potential-filled that apparently Xiaomi is spinning off the entire POCO line as its own brand to compete with the likes of OnePlus and Samsung.

    Consumers may disagree as budget offerings from the likes of ZTE, Nubia, and ASUS are arguably better than the POCO F1 from a spec and performance standpoint. Not to mention with only one device in the line and no "POCO F2" in sight there isn't a ton of brand confidence or loyalty.

    We're not sure what to expect or what the phone will be named but stay tuned for the POCO Something Or Other Smartphone in 2020. Will you be eagerly awaiting its arrival or have you already decided to look the other way?
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