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    You can now pre-order the Sony Xperia X series in the US
    Four of Sony's new smartphones can now be pre-ordered from Best Buy in the US. The Xperia X Performance will be available on July 17, the Xperia X will be coming out on June 26, the XA Ultra will show up on July 24 and the Xperia XA's debut is scheduled for July 17.

    - Sony Xperia X Performance: $699.99 (free 128GB microSD card)
    - Sony Xperia X: $549.99 (free 128GB microSD card)
    - Sony Xperia XA Ultra : $369.99 (free 64GB microSD card)
    - Sony Xperia XA: $279.99 (free 64GB microSD card)

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