1. Are you ready for the Galaxy S20? Here is everything we know so far!
    You can pre-order the LG G5 at Best Buy on March 18th
    We haven't been told much about the release date of the LG G5. Some carriers are saying they will be shipping devices out in the Spring, but have yet to give an official launch date.

    Best Buy has just announced that pre-orders for the LG G5 for them will begin on March 18th though. But even they don't give information about a release date yet.
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    There is a lot I like about the G5 and I would definitely chance it if they came out at the same time. But they don't so now I am leaning towards the S7. И like the cases announced for the S7 especially the wireless battery charger and the camera lens cases. I do like the flip cover better for the G5 though it reminds me a lot of my old Dot View. Wireless battery charging is nice though in a case. И love the modularity and USB-C for the G5. These would be deal breakers for me normally except I own a Gear VR already and the compatibility is a key concern I had with USB-C. The magic slot is a great idea. They should of demoed a premium keyboard with it. Тхэ camera is the concern for me. I like the S7 because its a known factor a basic improvement. LG has had some great software in their G4 and V10 and their sensors have been topnotch as well better than Samsung but not amazingly better. Ironically LGs decision for a widescreen lens over telephoto has soured me. Оне shot I always try to get is the moon in the background. I have gotten pretty good at getting most of the glare out of it using manual controls LG being king in this area. What I can't do is get it a decent size without cropping or digital zoom. Too much noise or its just overly pixelated. When it comes to getting a landscape or more full shot its almost easier to back up and get a wider shot and for times I can't I can use a panorama to get the wider shot I want with less distortion than I see in the LG samples. Beisdes who wants to shove a camera in someone's face to get a close up portrait and with telephoto a slight increase in the Bokeh effect would be welcomed. И have full faith that the G5s camera will be great especially since they wil be releasing an addon but it may not be good enough for me to wait an extra month and sacrifice VR for. LG still has until the week of the 11th to convince me otherwise. Maybe they will come out with some some sort of killer 3d noise compression that will let me digitally zoom and still get a decent shot at 2x. Ин this round I really want LG to take it. The G5 seems very innovative. I just hope they have a finished product soon. In the year of Project Tango and LinX and even after having an M8 I was hoping for something a little more exciting from a dual lens system. But I am not certain the software is done yet they hardly talked about it except to mention widescreen.
  3. Don't let the camera kill the rest of the phone. it has 2 lenses and over 8mp is plenty for either. anything more, you should be using a real camera with raw file abilities to fine tune.

    What I don't understand as a new Android user/tester, is why anyone would buy a phone other than Nexus if the other brands are so delayed or at times never updating the OS software? In 2 or so years forcing a hardware change due to software?

    this is very odd. While I have a iPhone 4s and a 5 that both still run even better since the new OS updates. Granted there is a reason why I'm here, but this disjointed relationship is a foundational issue unless you go with a Nexus device.
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    Says who? I'm certainly not going to carry my SLR kit around with me every single moment 'just in case'.

    It's called freedom of choice. Different people have different criteria in choosing a device.
  5. What the intention of using the cell-camera is what you need to figure out first for yourself. WHat do you do with your images? As the ability to print a 8mp file is about 8x10, and with interpolation you can go even larger, depending on viewing distance.

    Why would you dump "freedom of choice" in a statement of technical limitation? Sounds pointless to say such.

    Further more, I liked the Mate8 by Huawei, but knowing that their HW and SW have a open back door for everything confirms me to not buy such a device. Well guess who makes the Nexus 6P! WTFlop?!
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    I don't go to work each day thinking, "Hey, I'd better hump 7kg of gear just in case I see something interesting/unusual during the 15min walk". Nor do I want to carry £3k-worth of kit on a night-out with friends. I do still however want to be able to capture a decent image.

    End result depends on the image, and target audience. That's part of my argument... you don't know in advance.

    What "technical limitation"? My "daily driver", workhorse Sony Z3+ is 6mths old, on Android 5.1.1, and does everything my "test" Z3 running Android 6.0.1 does. I'm missing out on nothing over (e.g.) a Nexus 5X except the very latest OS version, but I lose out on much that means more to me.

    Citation please. This is news to me.

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