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  1. jraju

    my moto g9 power off when phone shows 40 percent, and when i click network etc

    Could you give me software app that really gives result of battery problems or charger problems. The last resort is repair shop
  2. jraju

    Do all smartphones have the option of moving the content of social media content apps like whatsapp to store their content in sd card

    Hi, In samsung phones , there is option to move the social web contents app like to store the content to the sd card so that internal storage is not affected . Is this true for all mobiles . Where do we find the option if it is true. Normally all android have android versions common to all...
  3. jraju

    my moto g9 power off when phone shows 40 percent, and when i click network etc

    hi, I usually charge the phone between 15 to 95 percent and i had no problem at all. But of late, the auto power off give me discontinuance of browsing and buying when I opt for products from online stores etc. It is annoying. I tried cache clearing etc. but the problem persist. when i tap the...
  4. jraju

    are there apps to get connected cell information over the top of the home screen

    Hi, I used to get the tower connection information on old nokia,which was helpful during train journey to know the place in the journey without looking outside the train. This was very useful, but latest android mobiles are not giving this information , called cell broadcast information on home...
  5. jraju

    why all manufacturers do not provide alert of used phones

    Hi, I had the bitter experience of buying a already used, sim activated, phone sold to me at a new phone price from a reputed online site. Due to this, my warranty date has been advanced to 9 months, from the actual one year. that is up to march 22 for the device I purchased on 11th month...
  6. jraju

    recommend app that gives the tower information on home screen

    Hi, Is there an app that gives tower information of the service provider over the home screen always . I find so many apps, which gives this information on apps interface, on opening the apps but mostly gives map like locations which is confusing. I want an app that shows the...
  7. jraju

    By giving device admin access, the permissions tab greyed

    Hi, am using samsung galaxy m01 core, which is different from country to country. My phone does not have the feature , overlay over the other apps setting. This phone is only having power and volume button and home button is shown on opening of the phone. screen timeout is 30 seconds and on...
  8. jraju

    Is there real location weather widget for android without ad

    My model is galaxy j2 pro and i tried google weather inbuilt weather widget but it is showing your home location. I want real location weather widget, basing on phone location, or whereever i am having the mobile. i did not find this in andoid app in play google store. The apps i tried only...
  9. jraju

    How I know I have 4g

    Hi, I sim swapped to 4g. My settings support 4g. Bit how I know that I have 4g. When I changed to 3g , I have some indications like huspa besides tower symbol. Bsnl
  10. jraju

    Help could you suggest low and full power charge app without any ads and access permissions

    Hi, there are numerous apps available in play google stores. But when i try to install, it gives permission for free ads and also to acesss permission of unwanted things. I do not want any ad pop up and also i think i need not give access to unwanted access permission to the apps producer ...
  11. jraju

    widget for cell information display requested

    Hi, On surfing the net and play google store, i do not find any widget that will fetch me near tower name or tehnically called CID cell information Display on the home page of smartphones. This feature, was available in older phones. Now Location tab , gives you location by...