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  1. crimton

    Help transfer files ubuntu

    so i got my wifi xoom yesterday and i'm really liking it but i have to boot into windows every time i want to transfer files.....thats lame. i can't get wifi file explorer, swiftp or any type of wireless transfer to work other than dropbox. there was a method posted for getting it to mount in...
  2. crimton

    Root Root instruction by team andirc v1

    [Exclusive] How To Root The HTC Thunderbolt – Instructions By Team AndIRC (V1.01 2011/03/18) | Android News, Reviews, Apps, Games, Phones, Tablets, Tips, Mods, Videos, Tutorials - Android Police dupe thread delete please
  3. crimton

    Help Can't connect to freenode irc anymore with the thunderbolt?

    when i had my incredible i could connect to freenode channels all the time using any of the market clients without any kind of authentication required. now it says sasl required and i get an error every time. androirc is the only client i see that supports sasl and it won't let me connect...
  4. crimton

    Root [video] Rooted Adam
  5. crimton

    Root Notion Ink Adam rooted with gapps

    just like the title says its already been rooted and eden plus has been created - Notion Ink Forums - Adam - Eden - Genesis | View topic - Eden Plus v0.1 - Root, Gapps it is believed that the adam is just as open as the g-tablet, which is great news for me :)
  6. crimton

    Rohan's post-CES blog

    i really like his attitude, even towards is FORMER critics. :)
  7. crimton

    Motorola Droid Bionic, some competition for the Thunderbolt

    Motorola Droid Bionic announced for Verizon -- Engadget
  8. crimton

    Adam Unboxing

    Notion Ink Adam Unboxing ala Van Gunst | Android Community pwired posted this over at
  9. crimton

    Notion Ink Adam Video-a-Day Thread

    I thought i would try to get all these pre-release videos together here in this one thread. i will try to keep it updated everyday. starting with the first video that rohan released after some bad pub with the pre-orders then the video a day begins. Dec. 19 Eden and our Effort...
  10. crimton

    Root Root may be easier than we think...

    [ANDY] Why did you add protection against rooting? [ROHAN] Its a tough call. Its not impossible to root Adam, but that would lead into cancellation of warranty. We are in talks with our partner to understand how can we resolve this. this was in an interview with rohan shraven(ceo notion...
  11. crimton

    Archos anti-root security is worse than htc's and moto's....combined

    Twitter coming from the guy who rooted the droid x...
  12. crimton

    First impressions tab owners??

    i'm most likely not getting a galaxy tab due to the high price but i'm interested in reading reviews from real owners in case the wifi only versions comes out next year and it has a more affordable price tag.
  13. crimton

    Review: Archos 70

    guess i'll start the Archos 70 thread too :) i'm looking closely at the 101 but i haven't ruled out the 70 yet as they are both nice tablets and are almost identical except the screen size.
  14. crimton

    Archos 101

    i just saw this so i guess i'll kick this off, i'm getting a 101 next week hopefully on thursday. hopefully we get some development going and get froyo soon...that is all thankyou
  15. crimton

    [RELEASED] The 4.3 inch "Thunderbolt" aka "Mecha" aka "Incredible HD" from HTC...beyond coming soon!

    Gorgeous, mysterious, EVO-ish HTC device headed for Verizon Boy Genius Report HTC Incredible HD to be officially named Thunderbolt 4G? | BGR | Boy Genius Report HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon Shown Off in Pictures - SlashGear htc-thunderbolt-accessories-start-popping-up-online...
  16. crimton

    10.1 inch galaxy tab with windows 7 at t-mobile

  17. crimton

    10.1 inch galaxy tab with windows 7 at t-mobile

    T-Mobile Galaxy Tab: Microsoft Windows 7, 10-inch screen, 1.66GHz CPU? Boy Genius Report
  18. crimton

    Root [ROM] ShadowRom v0.2.0

    ShadowROM i'm downloading this now, will report back. ok it seems the internal has the same problems on windows machines with the format disk prompt. i was able to get one or the other to mount using this script LEDs...
  19. crimton

    Root sling player app question

    my phone is rooted and i just ordered a slingbox solo. i'm reading some comments now that say you can't use the app if you're rooted? can anyone confirm that? surely thats not true.
  20. crimton

    Root [ROM] IncDoes AOSP - FRG33 - Vanilla - 720p - LED's [v1.1] Sep/5th

    [ROM] IncDoes AOSP - FRG33 - Vanilla - 720p - LED's [v1.1] Sep/5th - xda-developers heres an aosp ROM people may wanna keep their eyes on.
  21. crimton

    Root Ruby 1.1.1 is out!
  22. crimton

    Root question about accepting ota to unroot

    ok so i rooted my wifes phone using the old sd card in and out method a long time ago. i now realize i did that more for me because she still doesn't know or care what rooting is and she has only used the wifitether a few times. so my question is will i have to unroot her to accept the ota...
  23. crimton

    Root new .32 hydra kernels up :)

    Hydra Kernels - Hydra Kernels Information
  24. crimton

    Help sports news widget

    i'm looking for a widget that can tell me all the latest breaking nfl news. all i can find is widgets that show me scores for my favorite teams. i basically want a widget like the engadget widget only with nfl news rather than tech news. anyone know of something similar to this?
  25. crimton

    Root [ROM]Sky Raider 1.0 Beta [Froyo+Sense] 07/09/2010

    just saw this over at xda, looks good :) [ROM]Sky Raider 1.0 Beta [Froyo+Sense] 07/09/2010 - xda-developers