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  1. StarMenace

    T-Mobile LG G2 OTA Update?

    There's a user on XDA that reported getting an OTA update today that's 146.9MB. Anyone else seen this? Link here: G2 Touchscreen Issues - RESOLVED! - Page 21 - xda-developers
  2. StarMenace

    Should I trade my One S for a Galaxy SIII?

    Got an offer to trade in my One S for a Galaxy SIII (White 16GB version). I'm torn on whether or not I should pull the trigger. I love the camera on the One S and I know it's not as good on the SGS3. However, I would love to have the extra storage, larger screen and removable battery. What do...
  3. StarMenace

    Help Panoramic Stitching Problem

    I seem to have an issue with my One S and taking panoramic shots. It doesn't seem to matter if I'm close to an object (or landscape) or far away from it. The stitching is never level and I always have crooked pictures. Is it possible that I'm doing something wrong or have defective hardware? I...
  4. StarMenace

    Help HTC One S micro USB Issue

    I have a T-Mobile HTC One S that I received a few days ago. It's been great; however, there seems to be one major flaw with the one I got. The issue is that when plugging in the micro USB cable sometimes it doesn't work, not as in Windows won't recognize the USB device but because it just...
  5. StarMenace

    HTC One S Reviews

    Here are a few links of reviews for the newly released HTC One S. Engadget Android Community Slash Gear Mobile Burn The Verge The Unwired
  6. StarMenace

    HTC One S smashes Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji benchmark, is number one

    HTC One S smashes Basemark ES 2.0 Taiji benchmark, is number one
  7. StarMenace

    Where's the interest in the HTC One S?

    This phone is roughly a month or so from launch on T-Mobile and there's only a handful of posts on here about the phone with nothing about the actual launch. Why is there so little interest in this phone? I know the SGSIII is rumored to be coming out sometime in the next several months but...
  8. StarMenace

    Chrome Browser?

    Anyone know how to get the new Chrome browser on the Nexus S running ICS? I'm seeing a bunch of articles that it's available as of today but can't seem to find it anywhere.
  9. StarMenace

    Is there an app to change voice for GPS?

    Is there a way to change the voice to something different on the GPS for the NS?
  10. StarMenace

    What is the difference between G5 & G7

    I ordered a new flex ribbon/cable on ebay for my N1 because the power button part of the ribbon is broken. When I went to replace it it was the wrong part. It fit in where it was supposed to, even turned on, BUT the LEDs were misaligned and some of the resistors were different as well. I...
  11. StarMenace

    Help Power Button on Nexus One Not Working

    I've got a Nexus One with a broken power button. It works once in awhile but pretty much doesn't. It is not under warranty. Is this an easy problem to fix? Does it cost much?
  12. StarMenace

    Transferrable Warranty?

    I bought a used Nexus S a couple of weeks ago. Is the warranty transferrable?
  13. StarMenace

    Remote Control into Windows

    What is the best remote control app for the Nexus S to remote in Windows PCs?
  14. StarMenace

    Help Error Code 18 When Updating Apps

    I'm getting an Error Code 18 on apps I'm trying to update if the apps are installed on the SD Card. If I move the apps to the phone and try the update it runs fine. Then I move them back to the SD Card. This started happening only after I wiped the phone, it didn't do it before. I'm running...
  15. StarMenace

    MyTouch 3G Not Ringing

    I have a MyTouch 3G, or rather my wife does, that suddenly has stopped making any sound for incoming calls and the alarm. The vibrate works fine, it's only the sound that is not working. It has been working fine until last Thursday, since then, nothing. I've tried battery, SIM, SD pulls and...
  16. StarMenace

    Help Failed Root Now Missing Apps

    I tried rooting my N1 last night. For some reason the ADB portion wouldn't work for the "Root without unlocking bootloader method". So, I gave up after a dozen or so tries. While on FRF85B I got the OTA message to update and it turned out to be FRG83G. Now I'm on 2.2.2; however, there are many...
  17. StarMenace

    Engadget - Hands On

    Exclusive: Sony Ericsson Xperia Play (PlayStation Phone) preview -- Engadget
  18. StarMenace

    Nexus 3 or 4 Rumor

    Take this with a grain of salt only, this is something I came across at work and at this time is only a rumor. Codename: Nexus Xfinity Manufacturer: Unknown Release date: Q1 2012 NVidia Tegra 4 Quad-Core 2.2GHz Processor 2GB RAM 32GB onboard + microSD slot expandable to additional 32GB 4.2"...
  19. StarMenace

    Help Flash doesn't work on Dolphin HD Browser

    I've been using the stock browser and it's been playing flash content fine. I just installed Dolphin HD browser but for some reason it's not loading any flash content on any site... Anyone have any ideas why not? I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling and rebooting as well. I'm out of...
  20. StarMenace

    Help Moving apps to SD Card in 2.2 (froyo) w/N1

    Has anyone been able to do this yet? My option to move to the SD Card is greyed out for for every app...
  21. StarMenace

    Weak 3G Signal with Nexus One

    i've noticed with the Nexus One that I have a weaker 3G signal than with the MyTouch 3G that I had previously. I'm in the Minneapolis Area. Anyone else having similar issues?
  22. StarMenace

    Speed dial on MyTouch?

    Is there a way to create speed dials using the dialpad (holding down the button like voicemail) on the MyTouch? I know you can create a direct dial shortcut on the home screen but I'd like to use traditional speed dials if possible. Anyone figure out how to do this? If there is a way...
  23. StarMenace

    New to Android, a little scared too

    Hey all, I've been a Blackberry user for about eight years. I was contemplating getting the Storm 2 (9550) or an Android phone. Being with T-Mobile I'd have to shell out $500+ for an unlocked Storm. In the end I decided to "jump ship" and switch over to an Android phone. I'll be receiving my...