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    New Go Launcher - App Draw Question

    I feel silly for having to ask this, but has anyone found a way to make the new buttons disappear from the Go Launcher app drawer? Go Launcher's buttons duplicate my phone's Home, Search, and Settings buttons which are located just below Go Launcher's buttons. It is a total waste of space and...
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    Maybe Siri is pretty cool.

    I had one of my friends ask this question to Siri and this is what it said. :) :)
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    Google+ for DroidX users

    XDA has created a post/thread for DroidX users. You'll probably need to scroll down to find the correct post - there is a different post for each phone. If you want to find other fellow DroidX users and allow them to find you, please post a comment on the DroidX thread so others can add you to...
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    Root ROM Manager Questions

    I have had ROM Manager installed on my DX for quite a long time, but rarely use it so I have some questions. First, is there really any difference between the paid and free versions right now? I recently donated through the market, but I see no difference between the two. Under the DX...
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    Help No Music when the phone is on Vibrate mode - normal or not?

    I just noticed that while my phone is in vibrate mode, there is no audio from any of the media players (Pandora, Cube 3, etc). This is both out of the speaker and headphone jack. I realized it because I plugged my phone in and tried to listen to Pandora after a meeting I had. The phone was...
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    Can you port a number (that is out of contract) to an EXISTING contract?

    Here is the situation. I've had a work phone for years now, the company is going to be merging soon, and so I got a personal phone a couple of months ago to start getting my customers use to a new phone number (while forwarding the old work number to the new phone). At that time, my work was...
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    Help Any way to stop Verizon web site from opening after plugging in phone?

    I've been plugging in my DroidX to my computer to do different things (root, transfer files, etc). Whenever I do, it causes the web browser to automatically open and start playing an annoying "helpful video" from the Verizon site. Does anyone know how to make it stop loading? Obviously I can...
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    1yr contract vs 2 yr contract

    OK - I do not currently have personal cell service at all (work supplies my phone). I will be getting a personal phone very soon and am 95% sure I will end up on Verizon. I have a couple of questions concerning the 1yr vs 2yr committment. Here are the facts as I am aware of them: 2 Year...