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  1. Ruben

    Help Qik Video

    Is Qik video available for this device? (VERIZON)
  2. Ruben

    Screen is Grainy?

    First, I must start off by saying that this phone is great. It's everything I could want. Fast, big, thin, good looking, NFC, Android 4.0, Google Phone, the list goes on and on. And I should also mention that I can't see myself returning this. I need a new phone and this phone is simply the best...
  3. Ruben

    Help Way to See Battery When Phone is Off

    Is there a way to see my battery percent while the phone is off and charging? On the Droid 2 this is possible. Ruben
  4. Ruben

    Root How Does Wireless Tether Work?

    How does wireless tether work? I know that it can receive a WiFi signal but it can also transmit one? Just curious. Also, is the new WiFi tether coming in the OTA going to be faster than the root one? The root WiFi tether is fine, but I most certainly wouldn't mind faster. Thanks
  5. Ruben

    Accessories Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector (WHICH IS BEST?!)

    I am looking for a screen protector that has NO fingerprints. The Steinheil AF was way too blurry and I'm using the Zagg Invisoshiled now, but it feels weird, isn't too smooth, and fingerprints are noticeable. Thanks, Ruben
  6. Ruben

    Does your Incredible squeak?

    Without a case, when you pick up your phone, or press it on the right side, does it squeak? Edit: Solution! Credit to DocHolliday. Cut a business card to your liking and place it on top of the battery. Then put the cover back on. Sure enough, squeaking is gone!
  7. Ruben

    Help Should I turn off WiFi when I turn on 3G?

    Whenever I am on a WiFi network, I keep my 3G mobile network on. Mainly for visual voicemail purposes. So, does that mean that I am wasting my battery by having it on?
  8. Ruben

    Accessories Seidio Innocase II loose on left side?

    Does anyone else have this issue with their Seidio Innocase? It's loose on the left side. Drives me crazy. The whole reason I got this case was to stop the squeaking of the phone itself. Thanks
  9. Ruben

    Accessories New Seidio Accessories! extended battery and more Have fun
  10. Ruben

    New Packaging/Box!

    HTC Droid Incredible Gets New Packaging See a picture form the link above. Talked to VZW friend, no changes to the phone. :( His theory (nothing official) is that the change from HTC Incredible to Droid Incredible was made late in the game when the phones were already being packaged.
  11. Ruben

    Do You Think the Evo Will Affect Our Devlopment?

    I love the Incredible, but I'm afraid that the Evo is taking all of our developers. Do you think that we are going to turn into the Sprint Hero with no ROMs, etc. Just wondering your take on things.
  12. Ruben

    Just got of the phone with HTC: Android 2.5 coming after 2.2!

    Who knows how reliable these phone calls with support reps are, but here is what he said when I called about the HTC sense un-defaulting intself. Ruben, we are very sorry about this issue and we are aware. I know, it's really annoying. But we are planning on upgrading our snapdragon phones...
  13. Ruben

    Accessories Does anyone have a Siedio Innocase?

    Your thoughts please.
  14. Ruben

    Incredible on the front page of You Tube!

    We are on the front page of You Tube! GO Incredible! :cool: YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  15. Ruben

    Next Phone in the Droid Lineup Leaked! (no competition) Doesn't look promising, but it might be awesome!
  16. Ruben

    Reason for device squeak found! [no solution]

    Have you ever picked up your wonderful device and heard it squeak? And even in normal handle I'm sure you've heard this happen. Well, if you look close enough it only happens on the right lower side when you press in. On the left side there is a hinge that the cover connects into, while on...
  17. Ruben

    Accessories Could someone please post pictures of the inviso shield on their DI?

    Title says it all. Would be appreciated.
  18. Ruben

    Why Facebook Pictures Won't Update & The Solution

    Unfortunately, when you link the Facebook contacts to your device it will save their picture that you had when you first linked the contacts to your Gmail. You would have to delete them and re-add them if you want to change the pictures. Straight from HTC
  19. Ruben

    Why I Love this Phone (My 1,000th post)

    I've seen lots of return posts lately and not any "why I love this phone" posts. I must say, some of you guys have valid reasons for returning it, and others just have such high standards that you'll have to wait ten years for a phone. Anyway, I think I'll do this is list form. 1. It's...
  20. Ruben

    Accessories Seidio Anti-glare Screen Protector is Here!

    Seidio - Your Single Source for Premium Smartphone Accessories Enjoy
  21. Ruben

    Incredible torn down!
  22. Ruben

    Facebook Calendar = No Go (letter from HTC)

  23. Ruben

    Incredible US Desire

    The phones definitely have slightly tweaked ROMs. We're missing a few things such as: Mail list widget and the Feeds app altogether HTC Desire - Reading news feeds Does anyone have an explanation for this? Those are two things I wouldn't mind at all.
  24. Ruben

    Voicemail: Google Voice/VZW Visual Voicemail [poll]

    Which do you use?
  25. Ruben

    Help Easiest Way to get Facebook B-Days in Calendar

    What is the easiest way to get FB birthdays to sync onto my calendar. I've seen a few things online, but seeing that we have HTC sense, there must be an easier way. I mean...all the birthdays are in the people app. Thanks